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Vegan Chocolate
Placesetting Turkey


Shipments available starting August 15

Boost Thanksgiving sales at your store with these vegan chocolate placesetting turkeys, made with oat milk. Creamy and delicious — these sustainably-sourced, plant-based chocolate turkeys make the ultimate eco-friendly Thanksgiving dessert, without the dairy! Price in multiples and watch them flock to the register. Individually wrapped chocolate turkeys in ready-to-merchandise boxes. 15 per case.

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SOLD OUT for the season

Weight 1 oz
Piece Count N/A
Nutritionals Vegan Chocolate Placesetting Turkey.jpg 
Shelf Life 365 days

UPC 769933-85916-0
Case Pack 15 per case
Dimensions 2.5"w x 1.75"d x3.75"h
Master Case 90 each (6 cases of 15 each)

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