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Autumn in Vermont is legendary, and so are these chocolates. Crafted from fresh, local ingredients and fair trade chocolate — customers will return again and again for these seasonal favorites. Shipments available August 1, 2024. (Pre-ordering by 6/30 recommended.)
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Christmas & Hanukkah
It's the biggest shopping season of the year, and there's nothing better than the gift of premium wholesale Christmas & Hanukkah chocolates to bring cheer to all.
Pre-order by 8/15 for best selection. Shipments available October 1, 2024.
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Valentine's Day
Saying "I love you" is made easy with beautiful, ready-to-give selections of ethically and sustainably crafted premium wholesale Valentine's Day chocolates that are carefully packaged by hand.
Pre-order by November 1, 2024 for best selection. Shipments available December 10, 2024.
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Easter & Spring
Give your customers only the best gourmet wholesale chocolate for Easter and Spring - from organic eggs and flowers to bunnies in every shape and size.
Pre-order by January 2, 2024 for best selection. Shipments available February 10, 2025.
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With a growing demand for high-quality snack options, look no further than this diverse offering of irresistibly delicious chocolate bars crafted from only the best ingredients. From the award-winning Five Star Bars to irresistibly delicious Organic Chocolate Bars, there are many high margin impulse options to fill your front-end displays and satisfy your customers' cravings.
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Five Star Bars®
Handcrafted in small batches and packed with serious flavor. The best-selling bars you've loved for decades are now Fair Trade Certified!
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Chocolate Bars
Experience the real deal in gourmet chocolate bars - made in Vermont, in a choice of flavors sure to delight every taste.
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Plant-Based Truffle Bars
Say goodbye to inferior snacks with cheap palm oil and artificial ingredients. Your customers want better, and this is it. A collection of vegan-friendly chocolate indulgences that hold themselves to a higher standard.
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Hot Chocolate & Cocoa
"America's Best Hot Chocolate" - Travel + Leisure
Made with only the essentials of organic cocoa and sugar - because every hot chocolate lover knows that less is truly more. And because the best hot chocolate still comes with simple instructions - just add milk.
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All-Occasion Gifts
Gifts for every season. When aiming to please a variety of tastes, these gourmet chocolate gifts from Vermont hit the sweet spot every time.
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Snack Bites
Snack Bites have arrived! Satisfy those cravings with bite-sized pieces of irresistibly delicious chocolate and take your moment from ho-hum to oh-so-extraordinary.
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Impulse Items
54% of customers look for indulgent snacks at checkout. Boost sales at your store by placing these impulse items by the registers. (Source: IRI State of the Market, 2021.)
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Chocolate Squares
You'll be amazed at how quickly sales ring up, when these UPC-scannable squares are merchandised right next to the cash registers.
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The legendary chocolates your customers love available by the piece. Merchandise by the register to capture impulse sales.
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