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Bars & Squares
With a growing demand for high-quality snack options, look no further than this diverse offering of irresistibly delicious chocolate bars crafted from only the best ingredients. From the award-winning Five Star Bars to irresistibly delicious Organic Chocolate Bars, there are many high margin impulse options to fill your front-end displays and satisfy your customers' cravings.
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Hot Chocolate & Cocoa
"America's Best Hot Chocolate" - Travel + Leisure
Made with only the essentials of organic cocoa and sugar - because every hot chocolate lover knows that less is truly more. And because the best hot chocolate still comes with simple instructions - just add milk.
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All-Occasion Gifts
Gifts for every season. When aiming to please a variety of tastes, these gourmet chocolate gifts from Vermont hit the sweet spot every time.
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Snack Bites
Snack Bites have arrived! Satisfy those cravings with bite-sized pieces of irresistibly delicious chocolate and take your moment from ho-hum to oh-so-extraordinary.
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Merchandising matters! Looking for smart ways to make more of your existing retail space? Place our attractive, compact, freestanding displays where customer will notice, and grow your chocolate sales an average of 40%!
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