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Vegan Salted Caramel


Shipments available February 5, 2024

Boost overall sales with on-trend plant-based, vegan-friendly treats, like these new Salted Caramel Flowers!  Luscious golden caramel, made with coconut cream, tucked inside organic dark chocolate make a decadent non-dairy treat your customers will love! Individually wrapped chocolate flowers (pink foil) in a tree-free box — innovative packaging made from sustainably-sourced bagasse, the pulpy by-product of the sugar making process that is printed with eco-friendly vegetable inks! 12 per case.

USDA organic certified icon Fair Trade Certified Ingredients vegan-friendly icon

Weight 5.2 oz
Piece Count 13 pieces
Nutritionals Vegan Salted Caramel Flowers.jpg
Shelf Life 180 days

UPC 769933-85887-3
Case Pack 12 per case
Dimensions 1.5"D x 3.5"W x 7"H
Master Case N/A

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