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Sea Salt Caramel
Plant-Based Truffle Bars


Cheap palm oil fillers have no place here. Your customers deserve better. Let them experience the chocolate indulgence that holds itself to a higher standard. To craft these decadent plant-based treats, we infuse caramelized sugar into a silky-smooth vegan ganache and then nestle it inside vegan chocolate made with oat milk. Each flow-wrapped packaged contains 2 mini bars. 8 packages per dispenser.

non gmo project verified icon Star D Kosher certified made with fair trade chocolate icon

Weight 1.2 oz
Piece Count 2 mini bars per package
Nutritionals Sea Salt Caramel Plant-Based Truffle Bars.jpg 
Shelf Life 270 days

UPC 769933-85911-5
Case Pack 8 per case
Dimensions 2.84”D x 3.72”W x 4.25”H  (dispenser)
Master Case 96 each (12 cases of 8 each)

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